2014 Papers


Mission Issues Consultation Papers

The papers from the 2014 Lausanne-Orthodox Consultation that are available may be downloaded from this page.

These papers are for private and research purposes only and must not be published in any shape or form without the written permission of the author, whose email appears after the title of the paper, and the LOI facilitator.

Opening Remarks : Mrs GraceMathews                                                                                                    Email  gmathews@lausanne.org

Biblical Reflection by His Eminence Metropolitan Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios                    Email  hgyulios@gmail.com

Video of the Resurrection of the Albanian Orthodox Church (shown at the Cathedral)

The Conversion of Peter and Cornelius – Bible Reflection : Dr Ramez Atalla with a powerpoint Engel Scale (open with slideshow viewer to see animation)                                           Email rameza@gmail.com

Spiritual Transformation : Prof Stelian Tofana (Paper)                                                                   Email  steliantofana@gmail.com

Spiritual Transformation : Prof Stelian Tofana (PowerPoint)                                                       Emial steliantofana@gmail.com

Spiritual Transformation, Response : Prof Anne-Marie Kool                                                                Email  amkool1@gmail.com

Conversion: An Evangelical Understanding : Prof Simon Chan                         Email: schan@ttc.edu.sg

Koinonic Evangelism – The Community as the Evangelist : Archpriest Eric G Tosi               Email  egtosi@oca.org

Global Christian Forum : Call to Mission, Perception of Proselytism                                       Email  larrymiller@globalchristianforum.org

Global Christian Forum : ‘Discrimination, Persecution, Martydom : Facing the Challenge Together                                                                                                                                                             Email  larrymiller@globalchristianforum.org

Cooperation between Christian Denominations in IBT                                                                 Email  absomov@yandex.ru

Cross of Nails project (Romania) : Rev. Geoff Kimber                                                                     Email  geoff.kimber@gmail.com

Cross of Nails presentation : Geoff Kimber                                                                                                      Email  geoff.kimber@gmail.com

The full paper by Prof Ioan Sauca will be posted here soon                                                                  Email ioan.sauca@wcc-coe.org

Ecclesiology and Mission (presentation) : Prof Ioan Sauca                                                             Email ioan.sauca@wcc-coe.org

An Evangelical Perspective on Church and Mission : Dr. Mel Robeck                                         Email cmrobeck@fuller.edu

Conflict Transformation, Serbia : Fr. Radomir Radik                                                                             Email rradik@sezampro.rs

Religious Freedom : Fr. Radomir Radic                                                                                                         Email rradik@sezampro.rs

Transforming Conflict – Experiences from Ethiopia  : Tekle Belachew                                    Email  teklebelachew@gmail.com

Dhiyaa Al-Masawi Interview 

Conflict Transformation : Dr Richard Harvey (Paper)                                                                            Email  richardharvey@gmail.com

Conflict Transformation : Dr Richard Harvey (Presentation)                                                              Email  richardharvey@gmail.com

Biblical Reflection : Who is My Neighbour? : Dr. Femi Adeleye                                                       Email Femi_Adeleye@wvi.org

Ethical Evangelism and Proselytism : Dr Elmer Theissen                                                                     Email ejthiessen@sympatico.ca

Ethical Evangelism and Proselytism : Dr Elmer Theissen (Outline)                                          Email ejthiessen@sympatico.ca

Summary of 15 criteria of evangelism : Dr Elmer Theissen                                                          Email ejthiessen@sympatico.ca

The Challenges of Proselytism in the Context of Christianity in Asia : HE Metropolitan Dr. Youhanon Mar Demetrios               Email  mar.demetrios@gmail.com

Ethical Evangelism – Response : Dr Danut Manastireanu                                                                        Email danutm@gmail.com

Ethical Evangelism – A reply to the responses by Dr. Elmer Theissen                                           Email ejthiessen@sympatico.ca

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