2017 Programme

Theological Formation for Mission Consultation Programme

5-8 September

Selwyn College, Cambridge

Tuesday 5th

2.30 onwards          Registration

3.45   Welcome: His Grace Bishop Angaelos + Mrs Grace Mathews (LOI co-chairs)

4.15   Regional Groups I

5.15   Prayer (Orthodox): Fr Dragos Herescu

6.00   Dinner

7.30   KEYNOTE PLENARY: Learning from Paul together: How new insights into Paul’s teaching can help move us forward in mission: Rt Rev Prof N. T. Wright

Orthodox respondent: Very Rev Dr John A. Jillions


Wednesday 6th

8.00   Breakfast

9.00   Bible reflection, 2 Kings 2.1–14: Very Rev Fr Evangelos Thiani

9.30   PLENARY: Is there a Theological Rationale for Co-operation in Theological Education? Archpriest David C. Rucker + Dr C. Rosalee Velloso Ewell

10.45 Coffee break

11.15 PLENARY: What is happening already?

Report on the Global Christian Forum consultation on Proselytism: Rev Dr Femi Adeleye, John Baxter-Brown + Dr C. Rosalee Velloso Ewell

Report on visit by Asbury Seminary faculty to the Orthodox seminary at Kostroma, Russia: Dr Mark R. Elliott

Report on the American Bible Society’s  Trauma Healing Initiative in Egypt: Mrs Leslie Doll

12.30 Lunch

2.00   Visit to Tyndale House, to view their research library in Biblical Studies and learn about their work

3.45   Tea break

4.15   Regional Groups II

5.15   Prayer (Oriental Orthodox): +Demetrios

6.00   Dinner

7.30   PLENARY: Teaching the Bible: How can we do this better together? Rev Dr Chris Wright + Very Rev Dr Eric G. Tosi


Thursday 7th

8.00   Breakfast

9.00   Bible reflection, 2 Timothy 2: +George

9.30   PLENARY: Challenges and Promises for Seminaries and Colleges working together: Rev Neil Thorogood, Rev Dr Paul Weston + Fr Dragos Herescu

10.45 Coffee break

11.15 PLENARY: Local Examples of working together

The Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies: Fr Dragos Herescu

The Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide: Dr Emma Wild-Wood

12.30 Lunch

2.00   PLENARY: Educating Ecumenically: Dr Sergei Koryakin + Vladimir Strelov

3.30   Tea break

4.00   Interest Groups

5.15   Prayer (Evangelical): Rev Canon Dr Adrian Chatfield

6.00   Dinner

7.30   PLENARY: Teaching Mission: How can we do this better together? Prof Dr Anne-Marie Kool + Dr Bill Black


Friday 8th

8.00   Breakfast

9.00   Bible reflection, Luke 10.1–14: Dr Kameliya Slavcheva

9.30   PLENARY: Developing Awareness: introduced by Rev Dr James Stamoolis

Ethiopia: Tekle Belachew Nigru (+ Qes Solomon Mekonnen in absentia)

USA: Rev Dr James Stamoolis + John Maddex

Romania: Dr Danut Manastireanu + Fr Dr Dan Sandu

India: Fr Dr Jossi Jacob Ponodath + Dr Susan Mathew

10.45 Coffee break

11.15 Regional Groups III

12.15 PLENARY: Looking ahead

Reports from groups

Final summing up and challenges ahead

Plans for 2018 and 2019

1.00   Lunch and departure

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