Other Dialogue Resources

The following resources have also been identified as useful for those studying Orthodox-Evangelical relations

East-West Church & Ministry Report

Since its founding in 1993, the EWC&M Report has covered all aspects of church life in post-Soviet states, with special attention devoted to the interface of Orthodox, Protestant, and Catholic confessions. The report is included in EBSCO’s Academic Search International database.

Religion in Eastern Europe

The print version of this journal ceased to appear after 2012, but an online edition, Occasional Papers on Religion in Eastern Europe, continues to appear. The website makes many relevant articles available for download.

Ion Bria, ‘Evangelism, Proselytism, and Religious Freedom in Romania: An Orthodox Point of View’, Journal of Ecumenical Studies 36 (1999), pp.163-201

Mark Elliott, ‘East European Missions, Perestroika, and Orthodox-Evangelical Tensions’, Journal of Ecumenical Studies 33 (1996), pp.9-20

Mark Elliott, ‘Orthodox-Protestant Relations in the Post-Soviet Era’, Religion in Eastern Europe 23 (October 2003), pp.31-50, online at

D. Oliver Herbel, Turning to Tradition: Converts and the Making of an American Orthodox Church, New York: OUP, 2014. Includes two chapters on the Evangelical Orthodox Church which was led by Fr Peter Gillquist

Darrell Jackson, ‘Proselytism in a Central and Eastern European Perspective’, Journal of European Baptist Studies 8 (2008), pp.18-36

Darrell Jackson, ‘Inspiring Examples of Co-operation in Witness and Mission’, unpublished paper, 2007

Darrell Jackson, ‘Mission and the Orthodox Churches’, St Francis Magazine, no.2 (September 2005), online at

T. Keppeler, ‘Romania’s Army of the Lord’, Evangelical Mission Quarterly 29 (1993), pp. 132-8

Danut Manastireanu, ‘What should non-Orthodox Christians know about Orthodox Spirituality?’, unpublished paper, 2014

Prokhorov, Constantin, Russian Baptists and Orthodoxy, 1960-1990: Theology, Liturgy, and Traditions, Langham Monographs, 2014

Ronald G. Roberson, The Eastern Christian Churches: A Brief Survey, 7th edn (Rome, 2010),  From a Roman Catholic Perspective, this useful survey covers Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, the Church of the East, and Eastern-Rite Catholic churches, with full statistical information.

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