Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative

The Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative is a movement of Orthodox and Evangelical Christians who wish to respect each other’s beliefs, learn from each other, and support one another as we each obey the call to share in God’s mission.


The goal of the Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative is to reflect constructively on the history of relationships between Orthodox and Evangelicals in order to work towards better understanding, and encourage reconciliation and healing where wounds exist. Through this process Evangelicals and Orthodox are mutually enriched and strengthened in the work of mission, working towards mutual respect, support and cooperation in the spirit of our Lord’s prayer for His Church in John 17.

LOI Commitment


To achieve our goal, the Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative is committed to encouraging members of its two traditions to: pray for each other and study Scripture together; encourage mutual understanding, respect and appreciation of one another’s tradition and practice; promote collaboration in mission wherever this is possible; build short-term and long-term mission partnerships; and facilitate the exchange and sharing of resources for mission.

A leaflet introducing the vision and work of LOI can be downloaded below.


Projects & Future events

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The LOI is committed to sponsoring joint mission projects, where Christians from different traditions work together to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the wider community in word and in action. Together we aim to be a blessing to all we serve and a witness to the unifying power of the Holy Spirit.

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