office foldersThrough this website we aim to resource each other in our mission and in our understanding of our different Christian traditions.  In this section you will find some resources which can be accessed directly and also pointers to where many more can be found.
NB: Inclusion of a resource does not mean that we agree with everything in it, simply that we believe it is worth looking at and taking seriously. In the spirit of LOI, we seek to learn from one another and to respect one another, even where we disagree. That means we have to begin to understand one another first!
If you are aware of resources we should be listing here please send them (or information about them) to

These lists do not include testimonies by individuals who have moved from one tradition to the other, although there are a number of such works, mostly by Evangelicals who have become Orthodox. It is also worth looking at official church websites, as well as those of agencies such as the Lausanne Movement, the World Evangelical Alliance and the Global Christian Forum for documentation regarding mission and related topics.

Tim Grass & Danut Manastireanu, June 2014

Evangelical – Orthodox dialogue

Books on Orthodoxy for Evangelicals

Books on Evangelicalism for Orthodox

Other material on Orthodox-Evangelical dialogue



The following resources relate more to the understanding and practice of mission in Orthodox and evangelical communities:

Twelve classics in Orthodox and Evangelical Missiology

Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World -Guidelines

The Cape Town Commitment (The Lausanne Movement)

Концепция миссионерской деятельности (Russian Orthodox Church)

Concept of mission of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church

Mission Planter’s Resource Kit (Orthodox Church of America)

Orthodox Mission in Tropical Africa (Stephen Hayes)

Orthodoxy in Indonesia

Everything in Love: The Making of a missionary (Luke Veronis)

Missionaries, Monks and Martrys: Making Disciples of All Nations (Luke Veronis)

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