Evangelical – Orthodox Dialogue

The following resources are identified as focusing on Evangelical – Orthodox dialogue

Tim Grass, Jenny and Paul Rolph, Ioan Sauca (Eds.) Building Bridges between the Orthodox and Evangelical Traditions, Geneva, WCC, 2012  This book is now also available in Romanian language here.

van Beek & Georges Lemopoulos (eds), Proclaiming Christ Today: Orthodox-Evangelical Consultation, Alexandria, 1015 July 1995, Geneva / Białystok: WCC / Syndesmos, 1995

Huibert van Beek & Georges Lemopoulos (eds), Turn To God, Rejoice in Hope: Orthodox-Evangelical Consultation, Hamburg, 30 March 4 April 1998, Geneva: WCC, 1998

Daniel B. Clendenin, Eastern Orthodox Christianity: A Western Perspective, Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2003

Paul S. Fiddes, ‘Church and Salvation: A Comparative Study of Free Church and Orthodox thinking’, in Ecumenism and History: Studies in Honour of J.H.Y. Briggs, Carlisle: Paternoster, 2002, pp.120-48

Tim Grass, ‘Evangelical – Orthodox Dialogue: Past, Present and Future’, Transformation 27 (2010), pp.186-98

Tim Grass (ed.), Evangelicalism and the Orthodox Church: A Report by the Evangelical Alliance (UK) Commission on Unity and Truth among Evangelicals (ACUTE), Paternoster, Carlisle, 2001. For a summary, see ‘Evangelicals and Orthodox: Crossing Paths and Crossing Swords’, East-West Church & Ministry Report 9 (Fall 2001), pp.1-4

Tim Grass,  Evangelicals and Eastern Christianity  Link to YouTube Audio File

Metropolitan Kallistos, ‘What can Evangelicals and Eastern Orthodox learn from one another?, lecture given at North ParkUniversity, Chicago, February 2011

Veli-Matti Karkkainen, One with God: Salvation as Deification and Justification, Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2004

Christine Chaillot, The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Tradition: A brief Introduction to its Life and Spirituality (Paris: Inter-Orthodox Dialogue, 2002)

Bradley Nassif, ‘Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism: The Status of an Emerging Global Dialogue’, in Eastern Orthodox Theology: A Contemporary Reader, ed. Daniel Clendenin, 2nd edition, Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2003, pp.211-48. An earlier version appeared in Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology 1 (2000), pp.21-55. Also available here.

Bradley Nassif, Orthodox Dialogues with Evangelical Communities, in Orthodoxy and Ecumenism: A Handbook of Theological Education, WCC-Volos Academy Publication, Geneva, 2014.  Short history of Orthodox-Evangelical dialogues to 2013 with helpful footnotes to further sources.

Bradley Nassif, ‘Orthodox Spirituality: A Quest for Transfigured Humanity’, and Evan Howard, ‘Evangelical Spirituality’, in Bruce Demarest (ed.), Christian Spirituality: Four Views, Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2012.  The essays are dialogical and part of a larger conversation between Orthodox, Catholic, Mainline Protestant and Evangelical traditions.

Paul Negrut, ‘Orthodox and Evangelicals: Cooperation or Confrontation?’, Perichoresis 2/2 (2004), pp.13-26

Grant R. Osborne, ‘The Many and the One: The Interface Between Orthodox and Evangelical Protestant Hermeneutics

Ian M. Randall (ed.), Baptists and the Orthodox Church: On the Way to Understanding, Prague: International Baptist Theological Seminary, 2003

Edmund J. Rybarczyk, Beyond Salvation: Eastern Orthodoxy and Classical Pentecostalism on Becoming Like Christ, Paternoster, Carlisle, 2004

Edmund J. Rybarczyk, ‘Spiritualities Old and New: Similarities between Eastern Orthodoxy & Classical Pentecostalism’, Pneuma 24 (2002), pp.7-25

George Sabra, ‘Orthodox-Evangelical Dialogue: An M.E.C.C. Perspective’, unpublished paper, 1998. Given at the WCC- sponsored consultation in Hamburg.

R.L. Saucy, J. Coe and A. Gomes, Eastern Orthodox Teachings in Comparison with the Doctrinal Position of Biola University

James Stamoolis (ed.), Three Views on Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism, Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2004 (Romanian translation: Iaşi: Adoramus, 2009)

Theodore G. Stylianopoulos (ed.), God’s Living Word: Orthodox and Evangelical Essays on Preaching, Brookline, MA: Holy Cross Orthodox Press, 1983

David P. Teague (ed.), Turning Over a New Leaf: Protestant Missions and the Orthodox Churches of the Middle East, 2nd edition, Interserve / Middle East Media, London / Kenwood, WA, 1992. Repr. in St Francis Magazine, no.5 (June 2006), online at:

Orthodox and Evangelicals in the Arab East: A Historical Reading and Future Horizons, papers given at a conference in 2004 and published in 2006 by the Near East School of Theology and the Orthodox University of Balamand. There are many valuable studies and articles in this book about the relation of the Orthodox and the Evangelicals/Protestants in the Middle East since the middle of the 19th century until today. The Arabic title is: الأرثوذكس والإنجيليون في المشرق العربي. قراءة تاريخية وآفاق مستقبلية. أعمال مؤتمر أيار 2004. البلمند: منشورات جامعة البلمند، 2006. ص 219-242.

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