2013 Programme

The Mission of God Consultation Programme

Monday 2 September

1715 – 1845         Cheese and Wine reception at St. Vlash Monastery

1900 – 2130        Opening Reception and Dinner

Welcome address by His Beatitude Archbishop Anastasios on behalf of the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania. Response by Mrs. Grace Mathews Vice Chair of the Lausanne Movement.  Welcome to Albania by Pastor Ali Kurti President of the Evangelical Allliance of Albania (VUSH). Presentation “The Miracle of Albania”. Performance by the Albania Youth Choir

Tuesday 3 September

0800-0830         Bible Study Groups

0930-1115         Plenary Session    Why are we here?

His Grace Bishop Angaelos and Mrs. Grace Mathews will introduce the theme of the consultation and set out the challenges that face us.

Our Vision of Mission

His Beatitude Archbishop Anastasios and Dr. Darrell Jackson will present an Orthodox and an Evangelical vision of Christian mission. This will be followed by a brief period of plenary discussion but the main opportunity for discussion will be in groups later in the morning.

1145-1245               Group Discussion

1500-1645               Plenary Session   Four Cameos of Mission Praxis

Four of our participants will describe what Christian mission looks like in their contemporary context.

1715-1845               My journey in mission

Participants meet in their Bible Study groups (see Pg. 19) to share with each other their own personal journey as a ‘Christ carrier’, those called to be His witnesses, to give an ‘account of the hope that is within you’ – your journey in mission.

2015-2115               Regional Group meetings

Wednesday 4 September

0800-0830         Bible Study Groups

0930-1115        Plenary Session Facing Hard Issues : Proselytism and Canonical Territory

Dr. Kostake Milkov and Fr. Leonid Kishkovsky will present  Orthodox and Evangelical insights into these difficult issues. This will be followed by a brief period of plenary discussion but the main opportunity for discussion will be in groups later in the morning.

1145-1245               Group Discussion

1500-1615               Hope and Collaboration

We will hear a report of a joint Orthodox/Evangelical mission programme in Egypt during June 2013

Rev. Dr. Parush Parushev and Fr. Martin Ritsi will then make a presentation on the challenges, opportunities and resources for Orthodox/Evangelical collaboration in mission.

1730-1900           Meeting with Evangelical Leaders in Tirana

During the evening we will meet with many of the Evangelical church leaders in Albania and hear from them about their mission experience. This visit is designed to both inform our more formal consultation sessions and to provide informal time for our discussions together. During this evening visit we are invited to join Evangelical leaders in prayer and worship in an Evangelical Church

Thursday 5 September

0800-0830         Bible Study Groups

0930-1115         Plenary Session   Are you hearing what I’m saying?

                             *   Rooted in Tradition and Grounded in Scripture

*  Justification/Salvation/Theosis

Dr. James Stamoolis and Dr. Brad Nassif will present  Evangelical and Orthodox understandings in these two areas of theology and suggest how we might hear and understand each other better. This will be followed by a brief period of plenary discussion but the main opportunity for discussion will be in groups later in the morning.

1145-1245               Group Discussion

1500-1730               Plenary and Discussion Groups  Where next?

This plenary session will be led by the LOI Core Group and chaired by our co-chairs Mrs. Grace Mathews and His Grace Bishop Angaelos.  We will also hear by video from Mr Doug Birdsall, former Executive Chair of Lausanne, who initiated the LOI process. Our task during this afternoon (in plenary and in groups) will be to determine what actions are possible and desirable as a follow up to this consultation.

1500-1545               Plenary Session

1545-1615               Discussion Groups in Regional Groups

1645-1730               Concluding Plenary

1800-2130               Reception for Local Orthodox and Evangelical Church Leaders

We will attend Orthodox Vespers at the Orthodox Cathedral in Tirana and then gather with local church leaders at a nearby venue for a Reception and Dinner.

Friday 6 September

0830-10.00             Orthodox Liturgy


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