Since LOI came into being, Mark Oxbrow has done a fantastic job in getting it established. It’s a challenging prospect, then, to be taking over from him as he prepares for upcoming retirement. But I’m committed to seeing this dialogue prosper under God’s direction. I have been active in Orthodox-Evangelical dialogue for almost 20 years, in Britain and internationally. (The resources section of the website offers the written evidence of that!) Orthodoxy has given me so much, both in terms of spirituality and Christian fellowship, and in turn I am glad to share from my own Evangelical tradition.

With my wife Ann, I live on the Isle of Man (you might need to look it up!), and serve Christ’s church as an Anglican Reader and Methodist Local Preacher. I am a senior research fellow at Spurgeon’s College (London), and apart from LOI I work as a historian of 19th- and 20th-century Christianity.

So, please pray for me as I learn the ropes, and for the initiative. I’ll post more shortly about our next consultation, in Addis Ababa.T, Wistman's Wood

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