17516094_cover-page-001(reduced)In a new book published last month Orthodox scholar, George Alexander, argues for a deeper dialogue between Orthodox Churches.  The Orthodox Dilemma is a work comprised of personal reflections on global Pan-Orthodox Christian Unity.

The author writes, “[The book] focuses on the need for establishing sacramental communion between the Eastern, Oriental and other families of Orthodox Churches. The author calls for creating a common platform for Orthodox Churches and to establish dialogues between Eastern, Oriental, Old Believes, Old Calendar, Non-canonical, Unrecognized and New Generation Orthodox Churches.  The major aim of this work is to provide different and unique aspects of Pan-Orthodox Christian Unity. This book also sheds light into the problems, challenges and scope for inter-Orthodox dialogue.

“This is the first book of its kind to call for the creation of an extensive global platform for all Orthodox Churches. It provide readers with a most unique essence of Orthodox Christianity. It sheds light into the most forgotten aspect of Orthodox Christianity. Rarely do we find a book that speaks on the need for unity for all Orthodox Christians worldwide. This work is a combination of personal experience, thoughts of the author, history, contemporary Orthodoxy, dialogue and pan-orthodox Christian approach.”

We hope to publish a review of this new book in due course.

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