Prof Aho Shemunkasho, a participant in our Cambridge consultation for theological educators, is pleased to announce a Master’s degree course in Syriac Theology at the University of Salzburg.

Information & Contact:
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Aho Shemunkasho
Syriac Theology

Course Content:
– Syriac Language & Literature
– Biblical Studies
– Ecclesiastical History
– Liturgy & Sacramental Theology
– Spirituality & Monastic Literature
– Patristic Studies & Systematic Theology
– Canon Law & Practical Theology

Duration 4 Semester/Terms; 2 years
Location Salzburg, Austria
ECTS 120 points
Total fees 1,560 Euro total for 2 years
Academic degree Master of Arts in Syriac Theology (MAST)
Begin 1.10.2018
Language English
Course aims and target groups
The MA in Syriac Theology offers academic training for theologians belonging to
Syriac Christianity. It also offers scholarly specialization for graduates of
arts/humanities, such as of theology, history, Oriental studies and archaeology.
Studying the Syriac tradition enriches our understanding of the past as well as our
ability to respond to current challenges and contribute to today’s society on an
academic, spiritual or pastoral level.
MA students:
– Receive an academic training in Syriac language, history and theology
– Develop a cultural and religious understanding of Syriac Christianity
– Learn skills to apply theological knowledge both professionally and in everyday life
amidst the cultural and religious diversity of a globalising environment
– Will be equipped to work in the areas of religious education, catechesis and
pastoral work
– Gain skills and knowledge in ecumenical and interreligious dialogue

Some part scholarships are available.
For information on how to apply see: