New book on Evangelical mission in Moldova

Vladimir Ubeivolc, Rethinking Missio Dei among Evangelical Churches in an Eastern European Orthodox Context. Langham Monographs, 2016. Paperback, pp. xvi+320. ISBN 13: 978-1-78368-104-4 Reviewed by Dr Ralph Lee, School of Oriental and African Studies, London University; formerly Holy Trinity Theological College, Addis Ababa This welcome volume is a recent addition to the Langham Monographs which […]

Master’s Course in Syriac Theology

Prof Aho Shemunkasho, a participant in our Cambridge consultation for theological educators, is pleased to announce a Master’s degree course in Syriac Theology at the University of Salzburg. Information & Contact: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Aho Shemunkasho Syriac Theology Email: MASTER OF ARTS IN SYRIAC THEOLOGY Course Content: – Syriac Language & Literature – Biblical Studies […]

Discipleship and Spiritual Formation: LOI 2018 Regional Consultation

LOI is pleased to announce details of this year’s North American regional consultation, scheduled for 5-7 June at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Theological Seminary, Brookline, MA. The theme is ‘Discipleship and Spiritual Formation’, following on from the upcoming CWME gathering in Tanzania. Sessions will explore how our respective traditions form disciples, what resources each has […]

LOI Board meets, plans for future

The Coptic Church Centre at Stevenage in England was, as usual, the venue for the annual residential meeting of the LOI Board. The main item we discussed was next year’s consultation, scheduled for 5-8 June at Holy Cross Orthodox Seminary near Boston. The theme is ‘Discipleship’, following on from the upcoming CWME gathering in Tanzania. […]

500 Years of the Protestant Reformation

I couldn’t let this anniversary pass without some reference here. It was on 31 October 1517 that Martin Luther is said to have published his protest against the abuses evident in the church of his day, the ‘Ninety-Five Theses’. Churches and ecumenical bodies around the world have been marking the anniversary this year, and some […]

Anglicans, Oriental Orthodox, the Holy Spirit and the Mission of the Church

An International Commission of Anglicans and Oriental Orthodox has just issued an agreed statement on the work of the Holy Spirit and its relation to the Church’s mission. For more on this story, see: The story is given poignancy by the present situation and sufferings of many Oriental Orthodox Christians, for which concern was […]

How refugees trigger Sweden’s Orthodoxy boom

An unexpected aspect of the arrival of hundreds of thousands of displaced people from various Middle Eastern countries is the exponential increase in membership and attendance of Orthodox churches in parts of Western Europe. The Media Project, which reports on the role of religion in public life, has run an article on developments in Sweden, exploring how […]

Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide

The Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide (CCCW; is seeking to appoint a Director to serve from January 2018. Applications are invited by 19 October 2017 from candidates who wish to promote the understanding of and engagement with Christian mission and World Christianity. This is an excellent opportunity for a creative and enterprising individual with a strong […]

A Recent Doctoral Work on Orthodox-Evangelical Dialogue in North America Danut Manastireanu Rev. Ovidiu Dorin Druhora, minister of a Romanian Pentecostal church in Los Angeles, has defended in 2016, at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology of the University in Bucharest, Romania, his doctoral research titled ‘Protestantism and Orthodoxy in North America: Dichotomy and Ecumenical Dialogue’, […]

LOI 2017: too good to keep to ourselves

The papers and podcasts from last week’s consultation are now available for download from the website under the ‘LOI 2017’ tab. Together they form a body of material on the topic of theological formation for mission which we hope will stimulate increased co-operation between our two Christian traditions. We hope that you will find them […]

Passion for Mission: LOI 2017 consultation

At least seventy church leaders, mission workers and seminary teachers, including a number of younger leaders, gathered at Selwyn College, Cambridge, last week for four days of prayer, study and conversation around the topic of ‘Theological Formation for Mission’. Coming from places as diverse as Alaska, South Africa, and South Korea, they were able to form […]