Violence, Risk and the Prince of Peace

In the wake of violent attacks around the world – in Beirut, Paris, on a Russian plane over Egypt, and this week in San Bernardino, USA – US presidential candidate Donald Trump has called for new walls to be erected, walls to keep all Muslims out of the USA.

FrLukeVeronis2Fr. Luke Veronis, a participant in the LOI process, has a very different approach. He calls for the pulling down of walls, a Biblical loving of the enemy. In a recent address he has said, “To love is surely risky. To love our enemy may seem naïve and even dangerous. It may seem much easier to build walls of separation with those we deem different than ourselves. And yet, our Faith reminds us that walls of separation are not according to what Christ taught us. We are called to take the risk, and to love even our enemies. And in the midst of that risk, we know that God is with us. By shining the light of Christ’s love on others, we understand that change can occur through His power. Christ’s love can shine in the midst of the darkest evil, and can even change the hearts of darkened souls. So we never fear, and we never despair. The light of Christ shines brightly in the darkness of the world!”

Fr. Luke’s address can watched on video and read in the full script here.

Credit:  The Orthodox Christian Network