Looking forward to our Addis Ababa consultation

I have been so busy with getting ready for this that I have not posted for several weeks, but on behalf of the committee and participants I would like to request your prayers for this gathering. We meet from 11-14 October – next week! At least half the sixty people present will be from Ethiopia, with others who have worked there, as well as participants from other countries in the region. This is exciting, because the initiative for holding a gathering in Addis was very much that of local Christian leaders. Moreover, almost half those present will be Orthodox from a range of jurisdictions. Sadly, in spite of our efforts, we have encountered significant bureaucratic problems in making the practical arrangements, and some who had hoped to attend will be unable to do so.
Our theme is ‘Witness, Peace, and Unity’, timely topics and a challenging agenda. Please pray that we shall be given wisdom by the Holy Spirit to see how we can better witness together, seek peace together, and realize our unity together in Christ. Pray too that those whom God wants there will make it, and that they will gain something to take back in feed into their own ministry.