Hope amongst Catholics and Evangelicals

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Just days before the Lausanne-Orthodox Consultation takes place in Albania (15-19 September 2014) a similar group of people will meet in Chicago, USA, although they will come from Roman Catholic and Evangelical communities. Facilitated by John Armstrong, this Lausanne-Catholic Initiative was established at the same time as the LOI and has been working to create better understand between Catholic and Evangelical leaders. Like us they have a focus on mission.

Speaking to John Armstrong today, he reported that there is a distinct feeling of hope in their group partly generated by the election of Pope Francis and the way that his Evangelical friends in Latin America have responded to his election. The pope’s refreshing attitude to inter-confessional relations has opened up new possibilities in Christian fellowship as well as mission.

Please pray for John and the 25 participants of the Lausanne-Catholic Initiative as they meet in Chicago from 11-13 September 2014.