Conflict Transformation

Exclusion & EmbraceThis topic will be discussed at the Lausanne-Orthodox 2014 Consultation on Wednesday 17 September by a panel of speakers leading into a plenary discussion.

The Panel of speakers will be led by His Grace Bishop Angaelos from of the Coptic Church of Egypt and will include participants from Africa, the Balkans and the Middle East.

The following background reading may be useful to you as you prepare for these sessions.

The End of Memory: Remembering rightly in a violent world   by  Miroslav Volf  published by Eerdmans, 2006

Fractured Land, Healing Nations  by   Stephen R. Goodwin  published by Peter Lang, 2006

Forgiveness & Reconciliation: Public Policy & Conflict Transformation   Edited by Raymond G. Helmick and Rodney Petersen, published by Templeton Foundation Press, 2008

Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Psychological Pathways to Conflict Transformation and Peace Building   by  Ani Kalayjian and Raymond F. Paloutzian , published by Springer Science & Business Media, 2009

Exclusion and Embrace: A theological exploration of identity, otherness and reconciliation  by  Miroslav Volf published by Abingdon Press, 1996

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