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Pan-Orthodox dialogue is a priority

17516094_cover-page-001(reduced)In a new book published last month Orthodox scholar, George Alexander, argues for a deeper dialogue between Orthodox Churches.  The Orthodox Dilemma is a work comprised of personal reflections on global Pan-Orthodox Christian Unity.

The author writes, “[The book] focuses on the need for establishing sacramental communion between the Eastern, Oriental and other families of Orthodox Churches. The author calls for creating a common platform for Orthodox Churches and to establish dialogues between Eastern, Oriental, Old Believes, Old Calendar, Non-canonical, Unrecognized and New Generation Orthodox Churches.  The major aim of this work is to provide different and unique aspects of Pan-Orthodox Christian Unity. This book also sheds light into the problems, challenges and scope for inter-Orthodox dialogue.

“This is the first book of its kind to call for the creation of an extensive global platform for all Orthodox Churches. It provide readers with a most unique essence of Orthodox Christianity. It sheds light into the most forgotten aspect of Orthodox Christianity. Rarely do we find a book that speaks on the need for unity for all Orthodox Christians worldwide. This work is a combination of personal experience, thoughts of the author, history, contemporary Orthodoxy, dialogue and pan-orthodox Christian approach.”

We hope to publish a review of this new book in due course.

Being Baptist in an Orthodox context

514Mb8n8nCL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Not very often do you come across a national Baptist church led by a Metropolitan Archbishop and  sponsoring the creation of Christian art which draws heavily on the tradition of icon writing. The Evangelical Baptist Church of Georgia (EBC) is in many respects unique. Its adaptation to Orthodox culture is one thing, but what of its theology, how Orthodox is the Church in its doctrine, catechesis, and liturgical expression? In Evangelical Christian Baptists of Georgia: The History and Transformation of a Free Church Tradition  the former Archbishop of the EBC, Malkhaz Songulashvili, explores these challenging and controversial questions.

In his review of the book Dr. Joshua Searle, of Spurgeon’s College, UK, writes, “This is by far the finest book on the evangelical movement in the former Soviet Union that I have ever read.” He goes on to say, ” Songulashvili, has produced a compelling book that draws on an impressive array of historical and theological archival material in order to narrate the intricate and remarkable – and at times quite moving – history of the Georgian Baptist movement.”

With permission of the journal, ‘Studies in World Christianity’ (where the review will shortly be published) we are able to give access here for you to download the full review.

Free resource for Christmas from Regnum books

orthodox%20handbook-frontThe Director of Regnum books has just written with an amazing offer ….

“Dear friends in mission studies, as a warm greeting for this Advent Season, Regnum Books and the Editors of ORTHODOX HANDBOOK ON ECUMENISM: Resources for Theological Education are pleased to announce that the full text is now made available for free download. Follow the link: .”    Dr. Wonsuk Ma

Click the download link. This will take you to the pdf version of this 962-page rare resource.

Whilst you are there do take a look at the full Regnum books catalogue. As well as many good books there are other free downloads (especially in the Edinburgh Centenary series), and access to the Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative book “The Mission of God: Studies in Orthodox and Evangelical Mission“.

Dr. Ma continues, “Please feel free to forward this message to your friends, colleagues and students.  We plan to release other Theological Education Handbooks (Global, Africa, and Asia) in the near future. Wishing you a blessed Advent Season from the Regnum team!”

Violence, Risk and the Prince of Peace

In the wake of violent attacks around the world – in Beirut, Paris, on a Russian plane over Egypt, and this week in San Bernardino, USA – US presidential candidate Donald Trump has called for new walls to be erected, walls to keep all Muslims out of the USA.

FrLukeVeronis2Fr. Luke Veronis, a participant in the LOI process, has a very different approach. He calls for the pulling down of walls, a Biblical loving of the enemy. In a recent address he has said, “To love is surely risky. To love our enemy may seem naïve and even dangerous. It may seem much easier to build walls of separation with those we deem different than ourselves. And yet, our Faith reminds us that walls of separation are not according to what Christ taught us. We are called to take the risk, and to love even our enemies. And in the midst of that risk, we know that God is with us. By shining the light of Christ’s love on others, we understand that change can occur through His power. Christ’s love can shine in the midst of the darkest evil, and can even change the hearts of darkened souls. So we never fear, and we never despair. The light of Christ shines brightly in the darkness of the world!”

Fr. Luke’s address can watched on video and read in the full script here.

Credit:  The Orthodox Christian Network