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Orthodox Mission Network

_MG_2327for+emailThe Orthodox Mission Network met in Greece at the start of December. The meeting was attended by 18 Orthodox leaders from Nigeria, Cameroon, Mozambique, Bulgaria, Russia, Belarus and Greece.  The network, which has been active for several years, last met in Albania in September 2013, immediately after the LOI meeting that year, providing an opportunity for some of us to meet their members.

During this year’s meeting Dr. Athanasios Papathanasiou presented a paper on “Contemporary missionary efforts in the Orthodox Churches: limitations and possibilities” in which he called for an emphasis on ‘todayness’ saying, “emphasis on traditional culture alone may hinder the missionary from realizing what constitutes real life in a particular place today.” Papathanasiou went on to argue for local churches that adopt the “Three Selves” principle.”  He concluded his paper by saying, “Mission is the work of the First Missionary, Christ, and the Church is the deacon of his mission. Likewise the Church is not the Kingdom. She is the sign and foretaste of the Kingdom; which means that the basic characteristic of missionaries is their functioning as Forerunners – as “prodromoi”. “He must increase, but I must decrease.” (John 3:30).”

A full report of the meeting will be available later.

2014 Consultation report published

Image430a“The Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative continues to be an inspiring and unique ecumenical dialogue” say joint report authors Dr James Stamoolis and Fr Eric Tosi. They go on to say, “the impact is on a personal level; person to person, community to community, two different Christian traditions reconciling with each other after years of mistrust and misunderstanding. It is on this level that common ground can be discovered and conflicts can be resolved; each acknowledging their genuine differences but each also acknowledging their common faith in Christ.”

The full consultation report was published this week and may be downloaded here:

LOI 2014 Consultation Report