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Ukrainian Crisis – analysis

EWCMRAt the LOI consultation in 2013 one of our participants was Dr. Mark Elliott the editor of East-West Church and Ministry Report.  In the past few months Mark has focused his analytical attention almost entirely on the crisis in Ukraine and its impact on Christian ministry and mission.  This has resulted in a major edition of the East-West Church & Ministry Report which contains very important articles and analysis. The good news is that a special grant enables Dr. Elliott to make this report available to us at no cost.  Please download your copy (in English, Russian or Ukrainian) here:

EWCM Report Summer 2014 (English)

EWCM Report Summer 2014 (Russian)

EWCM Report Summer 2014 (Ukrainian)

Introducing this enlarged edition Dr. Taras Dyatlik of the Euro-Asian Accrediting Association in Ukraine writes,

“Dear Colleagues,  I want to introduce you to a special issue of the East-West Church and Ministry Report  ( ), dedicated to the impact of the Ukraine crisis on churches and ministry in Ukraine and Russia.
     Since 1993 the East-West Church and Ministry Report has regularly published articles by prominent church and mission leaders, missionaries,  and faculty of theological schools: Grigori Komendant, Peter Kuzmic, Sergei Sannikov, Parush Parushev, Peter Penner, Alexander Negrov, Insur Shamgunov, Konstantin Prokhorov, Walter Sawatsky, Sergei Rakhuba, Alexei Melnychuk, Michael Cherenkov, Igor Petrov, Mary Raber, Donald Fairbairn, Johannes Reimer, Roman Lunkin, Lyudmila Filipovic, Oleg Turlac, Anatoly Kolodny, Yakov Krotov, etc. 
      In his introduction to the Ukraine theme issue of the East-West Church and Ministry Report Editor Mark R. Elliott notes that the political and military crisis in Ukraine is having and will have profound and lasting effects upon: 1)  relationships among the three Orthodox churches in Ukraine; 2) the relationship between  Orthodox churches in Russia and Ukraine; 3) the relationship between  Protestants in Ukraine and Russia; 4) the relationship among Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant churches in Ukraine; 5) the status of foreign missionaries and clergy in Ukraine and Russia; and last but perhaps no less important,  6) the increasing infringement upon freedom of religion for non-Orthodox churches in Russia, which began even before the Ukraine crisis, but which has increased markedly as a result of it.  
     Because of the serious ramifications of the Ukraine crisis for believers in Ukraine and Russia, the present Ukraine theme issue of the East-West Church and Ministry Report may be the most significant undertaking of the EWC&M Report in the 22 years of its existence.  The issue includes articles by Ukrainian, Russian, and American missionaries, academics, and attorneys from Kyiv, Donetsk, Moscow, Washington, DC, and Wilmore, Kentucky (USA).
     Editor Mark R. Elliott hopes to publish articles on the impact of the Ukraine crisis in future issues of the EWC&M Report from Orthodox and Catholic as well as Protestant contributors. To submit an article or letter to the editor in  response to the Ukraine theme issue of the EWC&M Report, contact Dr. Mark R. Elliott,  Asbury University, One Macklem Drive, Wilmore, Kentucky 40390 USA;  or emark936@gmail.comAll the best in the Lord,

Taras Dyatlik”

Religious freedom denied to Orthodox and Evangelical leaders in Kyrgyzstan

Kygyz bishopForum 18 (the religious rights watchdog and newsagency) is reporting that the Kyrgyzstan State Commission for Religious Affairs (SCRA) “on 14 July refused registration as missionary to Bishop Feodosy, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church in Kyrgyzstan, Forum 18 News Service has learned. Under the Religion Law, this prevents him from working as a religious worker in Kyrgyzstan. “This is a ban on the Bishop”, Orthodox Church spokesperson Yuliya Farbshteyn told Forum 18. The SCRA claimed that the Bishop was denied registration as he “threatens the public security of Kyrgyzstan and sows religious discord among the population”. Orthodox believers totally denied these claims to Forum 18. The SCRA also claimed that registration was refused as the Interior Ministry’s Anti-terrorism Department was investigating the Bishop. This Department, however, told Forum 18 that it has “nothing against the Church or the Bishop”. ”

In the same report Forum 18 note that “Sunday school catechist Vakhtang Fyodorov continues to be threatened with deportation.  Also, the State Property Fund is again seeking – this time through the Supreme Court – to confiscate the building of the Protestant Church of Jesus Christ in Bishkek.”

Biblical Insights into Conversion

As we prepare for the second Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative consultation (in Albania from 15-19 September 2014) we are posting today the third of our three background articles on conversion.

Chris Wright (web)This third article, originally published in the IBMR in 2004, is by Dr. Chris Wright and draws on his rich biblical research. To download the article click on the link below.

Implications of Conversion in the Old Testament and New

Very shortly we will be publishing pages on this website specifically dedicated to the forthcoming consultation. These will be particularly important for the 60 Orthodox and Evangelical leaders who are participating but we hope that others will also be interested and praying for the work of the LOI.  To ensure you receive notification of all our postings please register by entering your email address on our home page.