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Holistic Care – Evangelicals and Orthodox work together

Recently we heard from Pam Dandre in Ukraine who tells us her own story about Evangelicals and Orthodox working together in mission. She writes about a recent conversation with a friend who is Protestant-turned-Orthodox and will soon be a missionary in Mongolia. Pam writes,

“We have been dialoguing about some of the doctrines and traditions within the Orthodox church. I am a Faith Community Nurse and the Faith Community Nursing Coordinator for Ukraine. I myself grew up Protestant and after 10 years of experiencing the prejudice of the Protestants to the Orthodox here in Ukraine, I was introduced to a priest. I work closely now with this Orthodox priest who understands clearly what my role as a faith community nurse is and invites me to assist him in his work to bring health to parishioners and the community in a holistic way. I’ve linked a video for you. Although it is old, and lots has happened since it was made, it gives a broad idea of what we do together in Jesus name. We truly are able to work together and respect each other’s position and enjoy fellowship with each other and each other’s spiritual families.

“We have a nursing organization called the Association for Christian Nurses and Volunteers-Welfare and through this we teach nurses and volunteers the “art of caring for others in a holistic way.” This is an interdenominational faith based organization and the most thrilling thing for me is to see people from all walks of Christianity sitting around a table and discussing their journey!! WOW how God our Father must be smiling at those such moments!”

Here is the video to which Pam refers.

and some pictures of their work

Ukraine A

Ukraine b


Orthodox and Baptist Relations in Georgia

Bishop Malkhaz Songulashvili

Bishop Malkhaz Songulashvili

Dr. Paul Fiddes and Bishop Malkhaz Songulashvili (Baptists from the UK and Georgia respectively) have recently published an interesting article on “A dialogue between the Orthodox Church of Georgia and the ‘Evangelical Christian-Baptists’ of Georgia (1979-1980) with its wider Baptist context” in the International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church.  This dialogue was held in a situation of oppression by the Communist State and resulted in a joint statement which the authors maintain sets the context for contemporary Baptist work in Georgia. The 1980 document does not represent the current position of the Orthodox Church in Georgia but it might point to some hope for future cooperation in the mission of God.  

A copy of this interesting article can be downloaded here – Orthodox and Baptist dialogue in Georgia